CSOs engagement and Community-Led Monitoring (CLM).

The CCM/E secretariat has organized a two days workshop for CSO constituencies and key and affected population Representatives on the agenda of CSOs engagement and Community Led monitoring (CLM). Participants discussed the scope of their involvement in CCM/E activities, sharing experiences, highlighting successes, and identifying areas for improvement. They also proposed recommendations for future actions. The discussions emphasized that CSOs bear a dual responsibility to communities and donors, and there are high expectations for their performance. Participants acknowledged the Global Fund’s (GF) support by providing platforms for CSO engagement, particularly during the GC 7 funding request.

There was a consensus among participants on the need for networking among CSOs to strengthen their collective voice for the community. They stressed the importance of pre-preparation before CCM/E meetings, active participation during the sessions, debriefing information to constituencies, and following up on proposed action plans for program implementation to bring about meaningful change and ensure accountability.

Regarding Community-Led Monitoring (CLM), participants agreed that it should be community-led, with CSOs leading strategy, policy, guidelines, and relevant discussions. They emphasized that CLM is not a standard monitoring and evaluation method but a valuable mechanism for fostering two-way discussions with the community. In terms of CLM monitoring areas, participants suggested that service performance monitoring should be led by the community, allowing them to assess and analyze information and data related to quality service delivery.

The workshop provided a platform for participants to share experiences, including a practical presentation on CLM by a representative from PEPFAR. The PEPFAR representative shared both positive and challenging experiences, focusing on key areas during CLM implementation, core principles followed, and lessons learned. Following the presentation, participants engaged in further discussions for clarification and shared ideas, fostering a collaborative and enriching environment.

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CCMs are mechanisms for public private partnership in the governance of HIV, Tuberculosis, and Malaria national disease programs.

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CCMs are mechanisms for public private partnership in the governance of HIV, Tuberculosis, and Malaria national disease programs.

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