CCM/E Organizational Structure

The CCM/E, the main governing body is comprised of 25 members, including a Chair- and Vice-Chairperson with the following structures existing with a particular responsibility.

CCM/E Executive Committee

is responsible to monitor the decisions of the CCM/E between regular meetings and address any matters arising from these decisions that cannot wait until the next regular meeting, address any urgent items, and make provisional decisions between regularly scheduled meetings of the CCM/E and evaluate the performance of the CCM/E Secretariat annually against the agreed target.

CCM/E Oversight Committee

There is a functional Oversight Committee (OC) responsible for the oversight of the Global Fund grant components under implementation. The OC furnishes CCM/E members with a strategic view of key financial, programmatic, and management aspects of grants along with actionable recommendations. The oversight includes analysis of the following aspects of Global Fund investments:

CCM/E Resource Mobilization Committee

The main responsibilities of the committee are to coordinate the development of resource mobilization proposals to be submitted to the Global Fund, to coordinate the re-programming of Global Fund grants, to mobilize resources for Global Fund program activities for HIV & AIDS, TB, and Malaria and RSSH, Support the CCM to harmonize Global Fund resource mobilization activities with other financing mechanisms for HIV, TB, and Malaria and RSSH, Support the CCM in the processes of selection of PRs and Oversee national Global Fund grants absorption and utilization for the resource

CCM/E Ethics and Governance Committee

: The main responsibilities are to oversee CCM/E for adherence to Global Fund policies, standards, codes of conduct, and requirements; and implementation of the procedures and operations related to the CCM/E governance structure and its core governance.

CCM/E Secretariat

The CCM/E Secretariat is responsible for coordinating the day-to-day operations of the CCM/E and overseeing the Global Fund grant across all disease components, under the guidance of the CCM/E leadership.

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CCMs are mechanisms for public private partnership in the governance of HIV, Tuberculosis, and Malaria national disease programs.

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