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CCM-ETHIOPIA > Blog > HIV AIDS Update > 21st Oversight Committee Meeting: May 14th, 2024 at Saro Maria Hotel, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

21st Oversight Committee Meeting: May 14th, 2024 at Saro Maria Hotel, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

On Tuesday, May 14th 2024 the CCM/E Oversight Committee gathered for their 21st meeting at the Saro Maria Hotel in Addis Ababa. The day-long session focused on the performance and challenges of all grants supported by the Global Fud. Representatives from different organizations including CCM/E Oversight Committee members, PRs’ Program, M&E, PSM, and Finance Focal points, and Federal Level Implementing Entities (EPSS, EFDA, EPHI, NEP+, CCRDA, HDAMA, OSSHD, ISHIDO, Reach Ethiopia), as well as the CCM/E Secretariat staffs, were present.

Presentation:-Presentations were delivered, focusing on the PR dashboard on TB, HIV, Malaria, RSSH, and C19RM grants’ summary findings by the CCM/E Oversight and Compliance Officer. Following that, a progress update on the procurement of pharmaceuticals and health products status by EPSS (NFM3 grant procurement) and RSSH grant implementation by an EPSS representatives.

Discussion: General discussion areas for all grants included NFM3 Period 11 grant implementation performance for both programmatic and financial aspects, how the grants are supporting conflict-affected areas, status updates on CCM/E decision/action items, preparations for the upcoming GC7 grant implementation, identifying bottlenecks that hinder the implementation of these grants, and finding solutions to improve performance.

Specific to HIV, the discussion extended to the current stock status of essential pharmaceuticals and health products, and for the RSSH and C19RM grants, the discussion added progress on their respective accelerated plans.

Conclusion: The meeting concluded with CCM/E Executive Secretary Mr. Dagim Damtew presenting preliminary recommendations for future actions and decisions. Dr. Abera Bekele, the grant coordinator for the Global Fund, then officially closed the session.

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